Apr 062021

English NEMO-Online is delighted to announce the publication of Amine Beyhom’s new article entitled: “Further Analyses from the VIAMAP”. The article is a sequel to two already published articles, “MAT for the VIAMAP” and “The Lost Art of Maqām”, with 4 new video analyses and two explanatory videos. [With this article and analyses, the author] [more…]

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Aug 152020

In Memoriam Katy Romanou English Katy Romanou (Kaitē Rōmanou) was born in 1939, Athens and died in May 2020. She studied at Indiana University where she was granted a Masters degree in musicology and pursued her studies at the University of Athens where she was awarded a Ph.D. in musicology. She was a music critic [more…]

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Nov 072017

English We are delighted at CERMAA to announce that Amine Beyhom, director of the CERMAA, was awarded on the 28th of October 2017, by the Society for Ethnomusicology, the Lois Ibsen Al-Faruqi Prize for the year 2017. The prize is awarded every three years. The video of the presentation speech is available at https://www.facebook.com/TheSocietyForEthnomusicology/videos/1601780733223099/ : [more…]

Mar 132021

NEMO-Online would like to inform potential authors for the NEMO-Online Special Issue “In Memoriam Katy Romanou” (below) that the deadline for submitting propositions of texts is extended till the end of March 2021. / NEMO-Online souhaite informer les auteurs potentiels d’hommages et d’articles pour le numéro spécial “In Memoriam Katy Romanou” (description en fin d’annonce) [more…]

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Mar 132021

NEMO-Online Vol. 5 Nos. 8&9 is now available for downloading and as hardcover (links below) / Le Vol. 5 nos 8&9 de NEMO-Online est disponible pour téléchargement et en version cartonnée imprimée (liens ci-dessous). All pdf articles in theses volumes are available individually at http://nemo-online.org/articles and bookmarked for titles, subtitles and figures / tous les [more…]

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Mar 132021

English NEMO-Online is delighted to announce the publication of Amine Beyhom’s new Dossier entitled: “Was the Early Arabian ʿūd ‘fretted’”. In this dossier, Amine Beyhom follows his thoughts about musicological Orientalism and dissects what he considers as a fabrication of orientalist musicology, the ‘fretting’ of the Arabian ʿūd at the dawn of Islam. Amine Beyhom: [more…]

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Mar 132021

English [French version below] (Note: the link to the article is for the updated 2020/11/08 version) NEMO-Online is delighted to announce the publication of Ozan Yarman’s new article entitled: “Search for an Optimal Tonal-System for an Authentic Turkish Soundscape: Weighing several theoretical models on ‎Makam music against pitch-histograms”. This article has been written in the [more…]

Jul 162020

We are pleased to annouce the publication of a new website of the CERMAA dedicated to the VIAMAP Analyses, accessible at http://analyses.foredofico.org/. VIAMAP analyses and dedicated pages prior to 20/07/16 are archived and will still be accessible with their old links, but not maintained. All new analyses will be from now on published on the [more…]

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Dec 072019

English [French translation below] We have the great pleasure of proposing our first set of Books and CD reviews on NEMO-Online. Two books and one CD are reviewed: Avra Pieridou Skoutella : Small musical worlds in the Mediterranean: ethnicity, globalization and Greek Cypriot children’s musical identities, Ashgate |Farnham, Surrey ; Burlington, VT, 2015|, reviewed by [more…]

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Dec 012019

[Nemo-Online permalink http://nemo-online.org/?p=1789] English [French translation below] NEMO-Online is delighted to propose Amine Beyhom’s sequel to the dossier “MAT for the VIAMAP” which was published by NEMO-Online in November 2018. The post includes four video analyses of maqām music. The first part of the dossier combines three previously published analyses which cover different aspects of maqām, and follow [more…]

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