Aug 152020

In Memoriam Katy Romanou English Katy Romanou (Kaitē Rōmanou) was born in 1939, Athens and died in May 2020. She studied at Indiana University where she was granted a Masters degree in musicology and pursued her studies at the University of Athens where she was awarded a Ph.D. in musicology. She was a music critic [more…]

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Nov 072017

English We are delighted at CERMAA to announce that Amine Beyhom, director of the CERMAA, was awarded on the 28th of October 2017, by the Society for Ethnomusicology, the Lois Ibsen Al-Faruqi Prize for the year 2017. The prize is awarded every three years. The video of the presentation speech is available at : [more…]

Jul 162020

We are pleased to annouce the publication of a new website of the CERMAA dedicated to the VIAMAP Analyses, accessible at VIAMAP analyses and dedicated pages prior to 20/07/16 are archived and will still be accessible with their old links, but not maintained. All new analyses will be from now on published on the [more…]

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Dec 072019

English [French translation below] We have the great pleasure of proposing our first set of Books and CD reviews on NEMO-Online. Two books and one CD are reviewed: Avra Pieridou Skoutella : Small musical worlds in the Mediterranean: ethnicity, globalization and Greek Cypriot children’s musical identities, Ashgate |Farnham, Surrey ; Burlington, VT, 2015|, reviewed by [more…]

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Dec 012019

[Nemo-Online permalink] English [French translation below] NEMO-Online is delighted to propose Amine Beyhom’s sequel to the dossier “MAT for the VIAMAP” which was published by NEMO-Online in November 2018. The post includes four video analyses of maqām music. The first part of the dossier combines three previously published analyses which cover different aspects of maqām, and follow [more…]

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Sep 182019

You may have experienced a temporary loss of connexion to the CERMAA website in the previous few days (from September 12 to September 18 2019). This resulted from the migration of the site by our webservices provider, which necessitated the upgrading of some of its components. We apologize to the website visitors for the possible [more…]

Sep 042019
Release of Eight Video-Analyses of Byzantine Scales performed by Four Lebanese Cantors

These Eight Video-analyses of the scales of Byzantine chant (for the scales of the Eight modes) are proposed on a dedicated main page. The analyses come originally from the book of Amine Beyhom Théories et pratiques de l’échelle dans le chant byzantin arabe : Une approche comparative et analytique proposant une solution inédite pour le système [more…]

Mar 312019
Imagine: A Scientific Fantasy - or Video-Analysis from 2D to 3D on the example of a Huseynî Taksim performed by Neyzen Tevfik

This 46th video-analysis of the VIAMAP series (but the 47th to be made public – see features 3D graphic techniques as well as a short introduction explaining the scale used in the analysis. It is a demonstration of some of the possibilities offered by 3D handling of graphic analysis of melodies, on the example [more…]

Feb 152019
Imagine: A Scientific Fantasy 2 ‎–‎ A video-analysis in 3D of Hurrian Song H6 performed by Lara Jokhadar

This 47th video-analysis of the VIAMAP series is an anniversary video to commemorate the beginning of video-analyses at the CERMAA. It features 3D graphical techniques as well as a short introduction explaining the scale(s) used in the analysis. It is a sequel to the 46th video-analysis –‎ the first in the 3D series –‎ the [more…]

Dec 302018
Video-Analysis of "Akh tagorye hʾashyrie" (Syriac Orthodox Chant) performed by Evelyne Daoud

(Video-analysis and URL updated 22/01/2019) This 45th video-analysis of the VIAMAP series features an introduction explaining the basics of video-analyses for maqām music. Note that this analysis is included under “maqām“ and not under “Byzantine” analyses, due to the particular scale of the chant. Video-analysis of the takhshefto (“supplication”): “Like the Merchants” Akh tagorye hʾachirye [more…]

Dec 252018
Video-analysis of an improvisation on ʿūd in maqām Ṣabā by Hamdi Makhlouf

(Post and video analysis updated 19/11/13) This 44th video-analysis of the VIAMAP series features a graphic representation of the intensity of the sound in parallel to pitch representation Video-analysis of an improvisation in maqām Ṣabā by Hamdi Makhlouf on ʿūd, recorded by Amine Beyhom on the 16th of March 2005 in Paris – France. Analysis [more…]