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NEMO-Online: the review of ICONEA, CERMAA and IReMus


Associated Research Centers, Universities and NGOs


  • ICONEA – International Conference On Near and Middle Eastern Archaeomusicology


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Universities, laboratories and research centers

Organisations et associations

  • SFE – Société Française d’Ethnomusicologie (French Society of Ethnomusicology)
  • DASTUM – Traditionnal Music (Brittany)
  • CMTRA – Centre des Musiques Traditionnelles Rhone-Alpes (Traditionnal Music, France)
  • FAMDT – Fédération des associations de Musiques et Danses Traditionnelles (Federation of French Associations of Music and Danse)
  • Musictrad – Traditionnal Music in France
  • Trad – Traditionnal Music in France (repertory)
  • IRMA – Information et Ressources pour les Musiques Actuelles (Information and Resources for Actual Music)
  • SFM – Société Française de Musicologie (French Ethnomusicology Society)
  • SFAM – Société Française d’Analyse Musicale (French Society for Musical Analysis)
  • SEM – Society for Ethnomusicology
  • ICTM – International Council for Traditional Music
  • BFE – British Forum for Ethnomusicology
  • ADEM – Ethnomusicology Workshops
  • Association Drom en Bretagne (Erik Marchand)

Libraries, publications, etc.

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Musicians or Musicologists

Music Programs