Feb 152019
Imagine: A Scientific Fantasy 2 ‎–‎ A video-analysis in 3D of Hurrian Song H6 performed by Lara Jokhadar

This 47th video-analysis of the VIAMAP series is an anniversary video to commemorate the beginning of video-analyses at the CERMAA. It features 3D graphical techniques as well as a short introduction explaining the scale(s) used in the analysis. It is a sequel to the 46th video-analysis –‎ the first in the 3D series –‎ the [more…]

Dec 302018
Video-Analysis of "Akh tagorye hʾashyrie" (Syriac Orthodox Chant) performed by Evelyne Daoud

(Video-analysis and URL updated 22/01/2019) This 45th video-analysis of the VIAMAP series features an introduction explaining the basics of video-analyses for maqām music. Note that this analysis is included under “maqām“ and not under “Byzantine” analyses, due to the particular scale of the chant. Video-analysis of the takhshefto (“supplication”): “Like the Merchants” Akh tagorye hʾachirye [more…]

Dec 252018
Video-analysis of an improvisation on ʿūd in maqām Ṣabā by Hamdi Makhlouf

This 44th video-analysis of the VIAMAP series features a graphic representation of the intensity of the sound in parallel to pitch representation Video-analysis of an improvisation in maqām Ṣabā by Hamdi Makhlouf on ʿūd, recorded by Amine Beyhom on the 16th of March 2005 in Paris – France. Analysis and editing: Amine Beyhom A CERMAA [more…]

Dec 172018
Release of the video-analysis of “Greis mad pier gali galan” performed (2003) by Jorj Botuha – Sonor and Instrument maker

Greis mad pier gali galan performed by Jorj Botuha The fourth CERMAA analysis in the Breton series (and no. 43 in the VIAMAP series) features the melody “Greis mad pier gali galan” performed by Jorj Botuha on the 13th of September 2003 in Auray – France (Brittany). Botuha was interviewed and recorded by Amine Beyhom, [more…]

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Dec 142018

Paotred er gueù à bleuigner performed by Jorj Botuha This is the third CERMAA analysis in the Breton series, and features the song “Paotred er gueù à bleuigner” performed by Jorj Botuha on the 13th of September 2003 in Auray – France (Brittany). Botuha was interviewed and recorded by Amine Beyhom, and performed on three [more…]

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Dec 142018

English [French translation below] Research centres and groups CERMAA, ICONEA and IReMus are delighted to inform you that the main theme for number eight of NEMO-Online will be: Music as science or music as art? This question has brought up controversy for centuries. It seems useful to apprehend what is the current position of music [more…]

Dec 042018

NEMO-Online Vol. 4 Nos. 6&7 is now available for downloading (download link below) / NEMO-Online Vol. 4 nos 6&7 est disponible pour téléchargement (lien ci-dessous). All pdf articles in this volume are available individually at http://nemo-online.org/articles and bookmarked for titles, subtitles and figures / tous les articles au format pdf de ce volume sont téléchargeables [more…]

Nov 022018

English [French translation below] NEMO-Online is delighted to propose this new article by Amine Beyhom on notational tools and graphical analyses of melody and rythm. Musical notation has been reputed as disqualified for the analysis of “Foreign” musics since – at least – the experiments of Charles Seeger with the Melograph. It is nevertheless still [more…]

Jun 082018
Volos conference on Psaltiki 2018

Rosy & Amine Beyhom participated in the 3rd International Musicological and Psaltic Conference on Psaltic Art of the Department of Psaltic Art and Musicology of the Volos Academy for Theological Studies. The Conference took place in the Conference Center of the Holy Metropolis of Demetrias, in Melissiatika, Volos, Greece, between May 30th (official opening in [more…]

Feb 262018

Two additional Greek and Arabic versions (below) of the chant Kyrie Ekekraxa, the well known composition by Petros Byzantios in the 19th-century Constantinople (now Istanbul) performed in 2012 by Joseph Yazbeck. The audio recording was first published in Amine Beyhom’s book on Byzantine chant in 2015 (see http://foredofico.org/CERMAA/archives/584). As with other CERMAA animated analyses, the [more…]