Apr 232017

CERMAA members Rosy and Amine Beyhom were invited to Tunisia for the Journées Musicales de Carthage (JMC) and the Prix International Mahmoud Guettat, from 9th to 16th of April 20017. Amine Beyhom was member of the jury for the International Prize, and delivered two seminars for the students of the Higher Institute of Music of [more…]

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Apr 232017

Amine Beyhom’s complete Ph.D thesis (version 2.1 – 2005) is now published online and available for free download at http://foredofico.org/ CERMAA/publications/publications-on-the-site/publications-amine- beyhom.

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Apr 022017

A Charter for the Researcher A new page was added today to the website of CERMAA, entitled “A Charter for the Researcher (or “The Charter”)“. It is written in the form of a series of questions every researcher should ask himself in the course of (and before or after) his research. It is addressed to [more…]

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