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NEMO-Online Vol. 2 Nos. 2&3 Reissue 2016

NEMO-Online No. / no 3

A musical tradition for the 22nd century : A report on a cultural Lebanese initiative”, ‎Near Eastern Musicology Online 2 3 |2014-11| p. 179–181.

This report is an account of a novel communication medium in the Near-East under the form of an internet radio channel devoted to Byzantine chant and discusses the addictive phenomena arising from it. Although this paper, at first, might appear to be irrelevant to the original request, the fact that such religious music can generate such attraction, allows it into the realm of the myth. A tradition that stays alive and finds a way to stand out despite everything deserves the attention.


NEMO-Online Vol. 1 No. 1 Reissue 2016

La modalité écrite. Un exemple avec Mīkhāʾīl Mashāqa au XIXe siècle”, Near Eastern Musicology Online 11 |2012-11| p. 55–66.

This article consists in reviewing Mīkhāʾīl Mashāqa’s methodology in his well-known treatise on Arabian music where she finds inherent complexities of descriptions, not that distant in time from us, and stresses on the deep contradiction between the modern aspiration of systemising modal descriptions and Mashāqa’s deep rooted objection, although himself a modernist engaging in over-simplification of the values in the interval formulation of modes in Arabian music.